Filtering Options?

Hi --

I've been following the Balsa discussion list for a while, mostly because I
think a nice X11 email client is desperately needed for any kind of Linux
Desktop Movement ... I've thought about writing one myself, but Balsa is
very close to the kind of user interface I would want anyway.

My question is this: so many clients try to re-invent the wheel by coding
their own filtering system, something that is admittedly kind of
complicated to pull off right -- everyone has their own preference it
seems. But procmail is an existing filtering system that has just about
everything you would need. Why couldn't Balsa just have a GUI frontend to
~/.procmailrc? The problem is when Balsa is the MTA, procmail wouldn't be
invoked... but it could be. 

Forever I searched for a usable interface to a procmail/fetchmail/sendmail
setup, but UI's have only recently  (since the GTK/Qt era) been a focus of
open source software. 

Agree? Disagree? I'd love to get in on the development, although C is not
my strongpoint ... where is the development at right now, or is that
something to get from CVS TO-DO's? 


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