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> 	Sigh.. will us POP users EVER have a decent E-Mail package, 
> or are well all destined to live with Netscape & Pine?

The following comes from a friend of mine who wrote the author of Pmail.
I just did send the it to the wine-newsgroup, maybe it's interesting.

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>    i am really happy with pmail and would like to continue using it.
> but the problem in this case is that i want to dump billgates windows
> from my harddisk and using only linux. is there already existing a
> version for it? or will there be a release in the next time?

Alas, I have neither the resources nor the experience as a unix
programmer to be able to take on this port, even though there's a
reasonable demand for it. We're watching the development of porting
"layer" libraries, such as WINE, though - if it gets to the point where
any of those will allow us to do an effective recompile of our code
without having to change too much, then we'll certainly give serious
consideration to a linux version.


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