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Greetings, all,

Just wanted to add a few suggestions for Balsa that I'd like to see--or, 
more precisely, I'll describe my ideal e-mail client, in the hopes that 
one or more of y'all will make Balsa that way. (I'd love to help, but 
have way too little programming experience to do so, though I could offer 
some help with designing the interface, or writing docs, maybe doing a 
German translation...)

Suggested feature set:
- - Supports multiple accounts (IMAP and POP), with custom settings for 
each account possible (default/random signatures, custom headers, user 
names, etc.)
- - Able to compress attachments automatically, using choice of 
compression types (tar, gzip, zip, etc.)
- - Supports Base64 and UUencode for attachments
- - Integrated PGP support
- - Automatic filing of incoming and outgoing messages based on 
user-chosen filters, with auto reply also enabled
- - Delayed sending via "outbox" or scheduled sending
- - Scheduled account checks (every x minutes, twice daily, etc.)
- - Setup wizard
- - SMTP support, NNTP support
- - Auto-complete function for address book entries (either with 
autocomplete or "nicknames" like Euroda)
- - Address book with groups, etc.
- - HTML/JS mail supported
- - Something on the order of a "location manager", for use with laptops 
or other computers that get used in multiple environments
- - Customizable quote method (type of quote string, positioning of 
quote, etc.) for replies
- - Multiple, OTF language support
- - Multiple pane interface--folders in left pane, message list in right 
pane, with messages in new window
- - Ability to have subfolders for filing messages

Don't want to start any flamewars over this...hope these suggestions make 
sense. If there is some way I can be of help, like in docs or 
translation, lemme know.

Best regards,

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