Re: The point of open source ...

> I'm sure some other GNOME mailer would spring up to take it's place.

Actually, another mailer is already in development. Miguel took the initiative and started the project. So far there is work being done on the backend. The whole idea behind the project is to make it very modularized. One of the ideas that looks like it will be implemented is virtual folders: All mail gets stored in one single message store, be it a flatfile, a database file or an SQL server. Folders are then only a set of rules.
eg. 'mailbox inbox: status = unread' etc.

All the popular protocols will probably be supported via the modules idea.

Why write the folder system, mail retrieval/send system etc. twice? Why not make Balsa a front-end to the gnome-mailer backend (codenamed: Camel) ?

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