Re: Balsa - the plot thickens?

chris atlee 13075 wrote:
> It's friday!!!
> > In particular, there's a gnome-mailer list, in which they are discussing
> > (and implementing) a generic library which will provide access to a
> > whole variety of message sources (POP,local,mh,IMAP,NTTP).

> Perhaps we could shift our efforts to the gnome-mailer project so that
> gnome has a common mailer libary that balsa can later use.  We wouldn't
> want code to be written twice, would we?

Indeed.  That's more or less what I'm thinking.

> On another note, I'm curious about the role CORBA plays in all of this...
> Take a spell checker, would it make sense for a gnome spelling checker to
> be written as a CORBA object or as a library?  What about a text editor?

A spelling checker as a CORBA object, I imagine.  Text editor is less
clear to me, though...


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