Console balsa (Was: Filtering Options?)

On Fri, 21 May 1999 05:32:09 ryan wrote:
> Hi --
> But procmail is an existing filtering system that has just about
> everything you would need. Why couldn't Balsa just have a GUI frontend to
> ~/.procmailrc? The problem is when Balsa is the MTA, procmail wouldn't be
> invoked... but it could be. 

I Agree,

Also, I'm pleased with another GNOME App, TCD, in that there is the X Version (gtcd) and the console version (tcd). Is there a good console mailer which could be configured using the .balsarc file?

For example, I use ~/.Mail/, rather than ~/Mail/ and have this specified in ~/.balsarc. Is there any console mailer that could do likewise.

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