Re: Some feature suggestions

chris atlee 13075 wrote:
> > > Smart filtering system: when you have a message open or selected you can
> > > click on a button to create a new filtering rule which has a bunch of the
> > > choices filled in based on information from the current message.
> >
> > People on the list have heard my thoughts on filtering before :-)
> > Basically, for people who store their mail remote - i.e. IMAP users -
> > then logically filtering should be done server-side.  My ISP (which is
> > my university) allows me sophisticated server-side filtering, the upshot
> > of which is that I'm unlikely to be working on clever client-side
> > filtering.  It would be great if someone would, though.
> I'm interested in doing client-side filtering.  There are lots of things I
> do in Outlook at work that I find useful in terms of filtering.  One thing
> it doesn't do, however, is give the ability to filter mail AFTER it has
> arrived.  For instance I want messages in a certain folder to be moved to
> another folder after I reply to them.
> any thoughts on integrating perl/python to let people write their own
> plugins and to make the filtering more flexible?

Well, my filtering thoughts are:

procmail allows you a powerful and flexible filter program.

It might be interesting to have an option which gets balsa to pipe a
message/whole mailbox through a filter program (e.g procmail, or
alternatively a custom script as you say) at a particular time (after
you reply, before you quit, etc.)


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