Re: Some feature suggestions

John L Grantham wrote:
> >> Suggested feature set:
> >> - - Supports multiple accounts (IMAP and POP), with custom settings for
> >> each account possible (default/random signatures, custom headers, user
> >> names, etc.)
> >> - - Able to compress attachments automatically, using choice of
> >> compression types (tar, gzip, zip, etc.)
> >
> >Assuming the underlying utility is there, then fine.  Probably no point
> >linking in compression code, though.
> 'Spose you're right. What about working with gtar or soemthing like that
> from GNOME? Ideally I'd like to have the option to have
> auto-decompression as well. Download the file, gtap (or gzip or whatever)
> launches and unzips/untars it. (Remember this would only be an option--I
> know a lot of users would hate to have things happening without a
> specific say-so.)

Well, this is automatic, if you have mime-types set up properly.  If
your mime-types database maps application/x-gzip to 'gunzip -dc' then
you can do auto-decompression easily.

I don't see the point in using gtar - this is an automatic system we're
talking about, why bother with a UI-encumbered version of the software
when the commandline one is simpler (given that's its invoked by a
program, not a human).

> >> - - HTML/JS mail supported
> >
> >Javascript?  Hell no...  what a nightmare.
> At first, I didn't see why--then I put more thought into it. Naturally it
> should be deactivated as default, but the option would be nice.
> Dunno. My life doesn't depend on it, but once in a while...

Easier to simply drop an http:// into the letter, and make balsa
automatically launch your web-browser to go to that site.

> >> - - Multiple, OTF language support
> >
> >OTF?
> On-the-fly. In other words, click on a menu, presto, you've got German
> menus/interface. Or French. Or whatever.

Well.. that's not how localisation generally works in Linux.  Linux has
a very sophisticated locales system, which I don't fully understand, and
bases it language on environment vars.  I don't immediately see a reason
not to go this route.  Balsa already is internationalised, incidentally
- in de es fi fr ga it ko nl no ru, it looks like to me.


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