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Greetings, Jules Bean at! On 20/5/99 4:49 pm, you 
>John L Grantham wrote:
>Right.  I won't reply to all your points.  If I don't reply, assume that
>I agree with them ;)

I'll agree that you agree, then. Agreed? ;-)

>> Suggested feature set:
>> - - Supports multiple accounts (IMAP and POP), with custom settings for
>> each account possible (default/random signatures, custom headers, user
>> names, etc.)
>> - - Able to compress attachments automatically, using choice of
>> compression types (tar, gzip, zip, etc.)
>Assuming the underlying utility is there, then fine.  Probably no point
>linking in compression code, though.

'Spose you're right. What about working with gtar or soemthing like that 
from GNOME? Ideally I'd like to have the option to have 
auto-decompression as well. Download the file, gtap (or gzip or whatever) 
launches and unzips/untars it. (Remember this would only be an option--I 
know a lot of users would hate to have things happening without a 
specific say-so.)

>> - - Supports Base64 and UUencode for attachments
>> - - Integrated PGP support
>> - - Automatic filing of incoming and outgoing messages based on
>> user-chosen filters, with auto reply also enabled
>> - - Delayed sending via "outbox" or scheduled sending
>> - - Scheduled account checks (every x minutes, twice daily, etc.)
>> - - Setup wizard
>> - - SMTP support, NNTP support
>> - - Auto-complete function for address book entries (either with
>> autocomplete or "nicknames" like Euroda)
>Definitely.  One of my 'most-wanted' features, this one.
>> - - Address book with groups, etc.
>> - - HTML/JS mail supported
>Javascript?  Hell no...  what a nightmare.

At first, I didn't see why--then I put more thought into it. Naturally it 
should be deactivated as default, but the option would be nice.

Dunno. My life doesn't depend on it, but once in a while...

>HTML will be easy with the
>gtkXmHTML widget, though.

Sounds good. Wouldn't have to be HTML 4.0 or anything, just so long as it 
manages, say, 2.0.

>> - - Customizable quote method (type of quote string, positioning of
>> quote, etc.) for replies
>> - - Multiple, OTF language support

On-the-fly. In other words, click on a menu, presto, you've got German 
menus/interface. Or French. Or whatever.

>> - - Multiple pane interface--folders in left pane, message list in right
>> pane, with messages in new window
>> - - Ability to have subfolders for filing messages
>I'm thinking about subfolders now, actually..

Sorry. I was using my psiwave device on you again. I promise I'll stop.

>> Don't want to start any flamewars over this...hope these suggestions make
>> sense. If there is some way I can be of help, like in docs or
>> translation, lemme know.
>Both, I expect!  Hang around..

<pulls on asbestos overalls>



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