balsa bugs

All this is after entering Balsa without a .balsarc, and going through
the initial setup.

* mailbox list integrated into main window is not resizeable
  (probably want a Motif-like draggable pane, or maybe a CList for
   in-window visual adjustment)

* when dragging mailbox list out of the main window, to form its own window, 
  a very tiny window is created.  When resizing this window to a usable
  size, the mailbox list does not increase in size at all.  Its size can
  only be decreased (by shrinking the parent window size).


* Have a browseable selection for inbox/outbox/trash file path.  Is this
  gnome-file-entry or similar?

I will be exercising the POP and IMAP code as much as time permits.  I
am very familiar with NNTP and POP3, and passingly familiar with IMAP,
so I'm down with that protocol thang.


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