Re: Call for host GNOME.Asia Summit 2012 draft

Hi all,

I will be sending out this call for host 2012 [1] these two days, channels include:

1) GNOME mailing list including foundation list, foundation-announce list, marketing list, gnome-asia-list, etc.
2) front page
3) front page
4) blog and planet gnome
5) mailing list or contacting other local free software related communities in Asia
6) word of mouth - committee members please help to identify potential host
7) others, please feel free to suggest and help to promote

** Everybody please help to spread the word by forwarding the call for host to your local communities.



2011/5/27 Pockey Lam <pockeylam gnome org>
Dear all,

I drafted the Call for host for GNOME.Asia Summit 2012 with reference from
Brian's announcement for Guadec 2012 :)  Feel free to modify the draft here at :

Let's target to finalize this call for host and send it out the coming week.

Proposed timeline:

  • draft finalized and send out: May 31
  • proposal receivable deadline: July 4
  • announce results: before end of July
Any comment is welcome!

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