Re: Starting a Gnome User Group

Hi Chandni,

Sure! If you are busy, you can always try to identify the right candidates and inspire them in your area to start the group ;-)

All the best to your career!


On 05/05/2011 01:34 PM, Chandni Verma wrote:
Hey Pockey,

Yes, I am very much willing to get a group started in Lucknow too but I doubt if anyone here(my parents) will appreciate my getting involved in any such thing before I land with a job(as I have already graduated) that I will want to do, to get which I am still giving my full time gaining more experience in software development.

I want to merge a few more internship ideas in Empathy in the coming weeks. Once I am happy in my job, I'll be in a position to invest my spare time elsewhere.

I consider it wise too.
Hope you understand.


On 5 May 2011 10:52, Pockey Lam <pockeylam gnome org> wrote:
Hi Chandni,

Since where you live is far off from Chennai, while I remember you told me your interest in starting a GUG during the Bangalore hackfest. How about creating a GUG in your area? ;-)  Please do talk to your classmates and friends and explore the opportunities!

Besides since you haven't participated my talk of building a GUG, please feel free to download the slide and let us know if there is any question :)


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