Re: Sponsorship strategy and benefits for 2011 (follow up)

On 01/31/2011 10:08 PM, Stormy Peters wrote:
One thing to keep in mind is that the marketing budget and the travel
budget are usually separate budgets. So this might work awesome for
some. Others might ask you to take the full sponsorship amount and pay
for the travel for the developers.

But I think this is a great way to show them that we value their


That's a good point. We however don't mind so much since we use the money to get developers to the conference and we're crediting at similar cost.

I however have one question regarding Red Hat as I have many contacts (except India). Who would you recommend to contact between Jonathan, Red Hat international marketing (John Adams) or eventually local offices in Singapore and/or China.

From experience I don't think China will be so interested but they will refer us to Red Hat India (and might help with the process).

It is important to note we would love to have 2-3 Red Hat guys who are working with Jonathan (Owen, Matthias, etc.).

I was actually thinking to email both John Adams and Jonathan considering this year GNOME.Asia can be considered as an international conference and the importance of Red Hat US in the development of GNOME Shell. What do you think?



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