Re: Meeting Minutes and Log - GNOME.Asia IRC meeting 2 Nov 2010

On 11/05/2010 11:11 AM, Pockey Lam wrote:

Besides, since we are deciding the venue of host end of November, on top
of looking at the results of the survey, it maybe a good idea if each
host (e.g. Pockey for HK, Bharath/ Akhil for India and Utian / Wers for
Indonesia) prepare a proposal of its city and submit to the mailing list
before 26th November for consideration. So we can decide the location
according to the proposal, what do you think?

Ok Pockey,

I just contacted my friend in Bali and gonna send him description of Asia Summit 2011 plan so he can recommend us (me) back the venue possibility in Bali and help me to completing a proposal from Indonesia.

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