Meeting Minutes and Log - GNOME.Asia IRC meeting 2 Nov 2010

Meeting Minutes: 

1. Update on last week action items
   * Allan drafted a simple email to claim access for facebook and accounts.

2. Update on statistic of pre-event survey

   * abharath approached Novell India and other indian gnome users
   * fred approached red hat singapore and novell USA
   * pockeylam approached canonical

   Initial statistics of survey shared by pockeylam
   Total response : 37
        1) 32% (12 people) of them involved in GNOME.30
        2) 65% (25 people) of them consider to join
        3) 54% from Asia, 27% from Europe, 8% from South America, 5% from North America, 3% from Australia , 3% no answer
        4) 55% (21 people) needs the gnome foundation to cover their expenses

      Venue of hackfest
1) Bangalore, India   10 votes 27.03% 
2) Any location   8 votes 21.62% 
3) Hong Kong, China  7 votes 18.92% 
4) Mysore, India  6 votes 16.22% 
5)Jakarta, Indonesia   5 votes 13.51% 
6)Bali, Indonesia  5 votes 13.51% 

      Type of venue
         1) Universities 17votes 4595%
         2) Resorts 8votes 21.62% 
         3) Youth hostel 2votes 5.41%
         4) office 4 votes 10.81% 
         5) any venue 5 votes 13.51%

       Date of hackfest
         1) 24% (9 people) votes for during the GNOME 3.0 release
         2) 19% (7 people) votes for after the GNOME 3.0 release
         3) 14% (5 people) votes for before the GNOME 3.0 release
3. Discuss on the venue and date for the GNOME.Asia Summit 2011
    <wers>  I think last week fo April is safe
    <wers>  start of May if we want to be super sure
    <yippi>  i think during the release sounds best
    <yippi>  i think the last week of april, or perhaps the last 4-5 days of april and the first 1-2 days of May
    <yippi>  since the GNOME 3 release is scheduled for April 27th

4. User experience feedbacks on GNOME Desktop

5. Update on the proposal of website
     <yippi Logos are missing in gnomeasia site
     <terral1> So basically late last week I sent out an email to some of the designers that I have contract work done with, asking for design concepts for the website update. Just to see what they would come up with. If we like any of     the  designs that get submitted, I will have them build out some more interior pages
     <terral1> I expect 3 to 5 submissions
      <wers>  GNOME.Asia 2010 pics all I got

   Discussion about color change in website but no conclusion.

AI of the week
AI: WILL to send the drafted email to mario to claim access for facebook and accounts (and copy the committee list)
AI: lakhil to ping the university management to check for the venues
AI: terral1 to check the logos of sponsors of and add them

Please find complete meeting log attached.

Nov 02 19:32:56 <pockeylam>	hey
Nov 02 19:33:10 <pockeylam>	lakhil, are you available to take notes this time? :)
Nov 02 19:33:25 <lakhil>	sure, i will take
Nov 02 19:33:44 <pockeylam>	lakhil, great, thanks! 
Nov 02 19:33:52 <SFD_Fred>	lakhil: but you'll have to give them back at some point ;-)
Nov 02 19:33:55 <pockeylam>	let's start our meeting
Nov 02 19:34:21 <lakhil>	SFD_Fred, hopefully i will give them back ;-)
Nov 02 19:34:23 *	yippi (~bc99092 adsl-99-148-70-189 dsl chcgil sbcglobal net) has joined #asia-summit
Nov 02 19:34:36 <yippi>	hi, sorry i'm 5 minutes late
Nov 02 19:34:40 <SFD_Fred>	hi yippi 
Nov 02 19:34:44 <SFD_Fred>	we're just starting
Nov 02 19:34:46 <pockeylam>	yippi, it's fine, we just start 
Nov 02 19:35:01 <SFD_Fred>	lakhil will be taking notes today
Nov 02 19:35:06 <yippi>	great
Nov 02 19:35:08 <SFD_Fred>	(that's what u missed so far)
Nov 02 19:35:11 <terral1>	heya Brian
Nov 02 19:35:23 <pockeylam>	agenda item   1. Update on last week action items
Nov 02 19:35:32 <pockeylam>	Allan drafted a simple email to claim access for facebook and accounts
Nov 02 19:35:38 <pockeylam>	i think the email is ok
Nov 02 19:35:42 <terral1>	+1
Nov 02 19:35:43 <pockeylam>	what do other people think? 
Nov 02 19:36:09 <SFD_Fred>	ok too
Nov 02 19:36:12 <terral1>	I think it is worded well.
Nov 02 19:36:23 <SFD_Fred>	wers did all the writings... ;-)
Nov 02 19:36:33 <pockeylam>	terral1, great, so would you please help us to deliver the message to mario and copy the committee list?
Nov 02 19:36:34 <wers>	B-)
Nov 02 19:36:37 <pockeylam>	wers, thanks :)
Nov 02 19:36:46 <wers>	np
Nov 02 19:36:55 <terral1>	pockeylam: sure
Nov 02 19:36:56 *	abharath (~abharath 59 92 172 106) has joined #asia-summit
Nov 02 19:37:19 <pockeylam>	AI: WILL to send the drafted email to mario to  claim access for facebook and accounts (and copy the committee list)
Nov 02 19:37:21 <pockeylam>	terral1, thanks!
Nov 02 19:37:22 <pockeylam>	abharath, hi
Nov 02 19:37:28 <pockeylam>	abharath, we just started
Nov 02 19:37:37 <terral1>	pockeylam: I will send it after my next meeting.
Nov 02 19:37:46 <pockeylam>	Will added a link to the existing front page:
Nov 02 19:37:48 <abharath>	pockeylam: hello. Got stuck in traffic for an additional hour :(
Nov 02 19:38:00 <pockeylam>	abharath, it's ok :)
Nov 02 19:38:47 <pockeylam>	i sent the survey invitation to the foundation-list
Nov 02 19:39:10 <pockeylam>	we also invited some foundation members from a irc meeting to join the survey
Nov 02 19:39:40 <pockeylam>	abharath helped to get novell developers to join the survey as well 
Nov 02 19:40:09 <pockeylam>	fred approached red hat singapore and novell USA
Nov 02 19:40:13 <abharath>	pockeylam: some others from India today. Let us see what other responses we get
Nov 02 19:40:25 <pockeylam>	abharath, yeah, thanks! 
Nov 02 19:40:37 <pockeylam>	i approached canonical 
Nov 02 19:41:09 <pockeylam>	so now we got 37 responses :) 
Nov 02 19:41:38 <pockeylam>	in one week, we have 24 responses more, and they are on targets
Nov 02 19:42:06 <pockeylam>	as said, we can close the survey on 16th Nov Tuesday
Nov 02 19:42:13 <pockeylam>	so we can continue to approach those potential participants 
Nov 02 19:42:49 <abharath>	sounds good
Nov 02 19:42:57 <pockeylam>	since we are talking about the survey, i would like to share initial statistic here
Nov 02 19:43:11 <pockeylam>	Total response : 37
Nov 02 19:43:17 <pockeylam>	32% (12 people) of them involved in GNOME.30
Nov 02 19:43:25 <pockeylam>	Half of them from Asia
Nov 02 19:43:30 <SFD_Fred>	not bad
Nov 02 19:43:30 <pockeylam>	Others mainly from Europe
Nov 02 19:43:42 <pockeylam>	65% (25 people) of them consider to join
Nov 02 19:43:45 <SFD_Fred>	what's the geographic distribution?
Nov 02 19:44:01 <yippi>	sounds like the survey is really helpful
Nov 02 19:44:07 <yippi>	i also think the letter to mario looked good
Nov 02 19:44:10 <abharath>	what are the other people onto?
Nov 02 19:44:35 <pockeylam>	54% from Asia, 27% from Europe, 8% from South america, 5% from NOrth america
Nov 02 19:44:44 <abharath>	I mean not directly involved or do they not fall under the categories we listed
Nov 02 19:44:45 <pockeylam>	3% from australia 
Nov 02 19:44:59 <SFD_Fred>	wow.. some Australians cool
Nov 02 19:45:00 <pockeylam>	3% no answer
Nov 02 19:45:06 <yippi>	did you send invites to LUG mailing lists in the region, or to GNOME locale mailing lists?
Nov 02 19:45:06 <abharath>	SFD_Fred: :D
Nov 02 19:45:24 <SFD_Fred>	abharath: well quite a lot of FOSS people there
Nov 02 19:45:39 <abharath>	SFD_Fred: oh not many I know actually
Nov 02 19:46:25 <pockeylam>	abharath, we only asked in detail if the involve 
Nov 02 19:47:01 <pockeylam>	yippi, not yet, now we still only target those people who involve or contribute to gnome 3.0 release
Nov 02 19:48:18 <abharath>	Stormy quitting officially. That's bad news :(
Nov 02 19:48:20 <SFD_Fred>	yes, i think the plan was to get most contributors attracted/feedback first
Nov 02 19:49:00 <pockeylam>	65% (25 people) of them consider to join the GNOME.Asia Summit 2011
Nov 02 19:49:22 <pockeylam>	55% (21 people) needs the gnome foundation to cover their expenses
Nov 02 19:49:52 <wers>	abharath, woah
Nov 02 19:49:54 <pockeylam>	abharath, really? 
Nov 02 19:50:01 <wers>	wassup??
Nov 02 19:50:12 <pockeylam>	For the date of hackfest: 
Nov 02 19:50:17 <abharath>	ok we'll continue with the meet :) discussions for later :D
Nov 02 19:50:23 <pockeylam>	abharath, ok
Nov 02 19:50:31 <pockeylam>	24% (9 people) votes for during the GNOME 3.0 release
Nov 02 19:50:41 <pockeylam>	19% (7 people) votes for after the GNOME 3.0 release
Nov 02 19:50:43 *	emily (~yc151230 sca-ea-fw-1 Sun COM) has joined #asia-summit
Nov 02 19:50:51 <pockeylam>	14% (5 people) votes for before the GNOME 3.0 release
Nov 02 19:50:52 <pockeylam>	emily, hi 
Nov 02 19:50:57 <pockeylam>	emily, we are talking about the survey now
Nov 02 19:50:58 <emily>	hi all, sorry for the late 
Nov 02 19:51:06 <emily>	OK, my update 
Nov 02 19:51:08 <pockeylam>	emily, i will send out abstract of survey later by email , so u can catch up 
Nov 02 19:51:22 <emily>	I have send the survey to Oracle Internal desktop mail list 
Nov 02 19:51:29 <pockeylam>	emily, great!
Nov 02 19:51:35 <emily>	I will push to ask Oracle engineers' feedback 
Nov 02 19:51:50 <pockeylam>	emily, yeah
Nov 02 19:51:54 <pockeylam>	16% (6 people) is okay with anytime before, during or after the GNOME 3.0 release
Nov 02 19:52:10 <pockeylam>	so the votes are quite close to each others
Nov 02 19:52:17 <pockeylam>	for the dates of the hackfest 
Nov 02 19:52:43 <pockeylam>	but still, seems "during the hackfest" wins so far 
Nov 02 19:52:49 <SFD_Fred>	do we have a way to know what the people involved in Gnome release voted?
Nov 02 19:53:03 <pockeylam>	SFD_Fred, i don't think so
Nov 02 19:53:11 <SFD_Fred>	ok.. well
Nov 02 19:53:32 <pockeylam>	SFD_Fred, the anonymous feature activated
Nov 02 19:53:33 <emily>	do we know the name for each people who did survey ? The name list ? 
Nov 02 19:53:50 <pockeylam>	emily, no, it's an open survey
Nov 02 19:54:01 <pockeylam>	emily, we decided to do a public survey
Nov 02 19:54:05 <pockeylam>	emily, we didn't make any token
Nov 02 19:54:07 <abharath>	oh, its anonymous?
Nov 02 19:54:09 <pockeylam>	emily, but i think it's okay
Nov 02 19:54:13 <terral1>	the responses were.
Nov 02 19:54:13 <pockeylam>	abharath, yes
Nov 02 19:54:35 <pockeylam>	terral1, yes, the responses are anonymous 
Nov 02 19:54:42 <abharath>	well having the names would have helped :) I never noticed I didn't enter my name :D
Nov 02 19:55:15 <lakhil>	:)
Nov 02 19:55:24 <pockeylam>	abharath, yeah, but there is one question we asked for email address
Nov 02 19:55:31 <pockeylam>	if they are willing to give a talk in the 1 day conference
Nov 02 19:55:41 <pockeylam>	however, none of the participants filled their email address so far
Nov 02 19:55:47 <abharath>	aah that should help :D
Nov 02 19:55:57 <abharath>	haha bad people ;)
Nov 02 19:56:03 <pockeylam>	eventhough there are 4 people out of 37 who said they would love to give a talk
Nov 02 19:56:12 <emily>	Maybe we should make the email address as a must ? 
Nov 02 19:56:44 <terral1>	emily: no guarantee you get valid answer.  only way to make sure would be to use non-anonymous survey
Nov 02 19:56:54 <lakhil>	if we can make them clear that how it will be helpful for us to get their email id
Nov 02 19:57:00 <pockeylam>	emily, it's okay, since we kept track of all the means of invitation , when we call for participants, we will use the same means again
Nov 02 19:57:03 <wers>	I hope, my test answers weren't counted
Nov 02 19:57:07 <pockeylam>	that's why it's good to keep track of how we invite people 
Nov 02 19:57:20 <pockeylam>	so we are sure they are all informed when we call for participants
Nov 02 19:57:32 <pockeylam>	wers, it will count :)
Nov 02 19:57:52 <wers>	oh... it's good that I put my email. hehe
Nov 02 19:57:57 <pockeylam>	wers, it keeps track of all imcomplete and completed answers
Nov 02 19:58:09 <pockeylam>	wers, did you? wait let me check 
Nov 02 19:58:14 <abharath>	lol
Nov 02 19:58:15 <wers>	yeah
Nov 02 19:58:46 <wers>	I had to fill the fields to continue to the next page so I entered test answers
Nov 02 19:58:51 <pockeylam>	wers, yeah, i missed that fill 
Nov 02 19:58:55 <wers>	they're the ones with "lorem ipsum"
Nov 02 19:58:59 <abharath>	yeah just cross-checked. He has filled it. gmail wers com is his email id :P
Nov 02 19:59:00 <pockeylam>	there are three persons who filled their emails indeed :)
Nov 02 19:59:11 <pockeylam>	but you are not one of them
Nov 02 19:59:19 <pockeylam>	wers, but you are not one of them, so yours didn't count
Nov 02 19:59:23 <wers>	abharath, srsly? I don't remember doing that...
Nov 02 19:59:58 <pockeylam>	LOL
Nov 02 20:00:00 <pockeylam>	anyway
Nov 02 20:00:13 <pockeylam>	For the venue of hackfest: 
Nov 02 20:00:18 <pockeylam>	1) Bangalore, India  	10 votes 27.03%  
Nov 02 20:00:23 <pockeylam>	2) Any location  	8 votes	21.62%  
Nov 02 20:00:27 <pockeylam>	3) Hong Kong, China 	7 votes	18.92%  
Nov 02 20:00:32 <pockeylam>	4) Mysore, India 	6 votes	16.22%  
Nov 02 20:00:36 <pockeylam>	5)Jakarta, Indonesia  	5 votes	13.51%  
Nov 02 20:00:41 <pockeylam>	6)Bali, Indonesia 	5 votes	13.51%  
Nov 02 20:00:53 <pockeylam>	bangalore wins so far :) 
Nov 02 20:00:58 <lakhil>	:P
Nov 02 20:01:12 <pockeylam>	abharath, lakhil must be happy ;)
Nov 02 20:01:18 <pockeylam>	Type of venue:
Nov 02 20:01:23 <abharath>	:D
Nov 02 20:01:24 <pockeylam>	1) Universities 17votes 45.95% 
Nov 02 20:01:27 <pockeylam>	2) Resorts 8votes 21.62%  
Nov 02 20:01:30 <lakhil>	pockeylam will be the happiest :)
Nov 02 20:01:36 <pockeylam>	3) Youth hostel 2votes 5.41%
Nov 02 20:01:37 <abharath>	whoa 46% ;)
Nov 02 20:01:43 <pockeylam>	lakhil, LOL as always
Nov 02 20:01:54 <SFD_Fred>	yes, i think overall it's ok.
Nov 02 20:01:55 <SFD_Fred>	we decided to have it anonymous and that's what we have
Nov 02 20:01:55 <SFD_Fred>	we shouldn t doubt... we organized previous summit without any survey and it worked out pretty well
Nov 02 20:01:55 <SFD_Fred>	this one is getting a lot more publicity already
Nov 02 20:02:00 <pockeylam>	4) office 4 votes 10.81%  
Nov 02 20:02:08 <pockeylam>	any venue 5 votes 13.51%
Nov 02 20:02:30 <pockeylam>	SFD_Fred, yeah, i agreed
Nov 02 20:02:46 <pockeylam>	all respondents are positive about the set up of a technical help desk 
Nov 02 20:03:01 <pockeylam>	that's about it
Nov 02 20:03:07 <emily>	Since we have hacfest + one day conference, maybe we can have Resorts + univeristy option? 
Nov 02 20:03:13 <pockeylam>	the most important two information would be the dates and venue
Nov 02 20:03:48 <pockeylam>	bangalore got the most votes 
Nov 02 20:04:01 <pockeylam>	for dates: during the gnome 3.0 release got the most votes
Nov 02 20:04:11 <SFD_Fred>	but didn't the Bangalore team staff up the survey? ;-)
Nov 02 20:04:25 <pockeylam>	emily, we can have the one day conference in an university 
Nov 02 20:04:49 <emily>	hehe 
Nov 02 20:04:52 <pockeylam>	emily, if we host it in bangalore, we will host it in novell india office for 1 , 2 days 
Nov 02 20:05:17 <emily>	cool, Novell office sounds good for hackfest 
Nov 02 20:05:18 <lakhil>	pockeylam, i don't think conference can be held in office
Nov 02 20:05:32 <emily>	Conference can not, but hackfest can 
Nov 02 20:05:32 <pockeylam>	lakhil, not conference, hackfest in office :)
Nov 02 20:05:42 <lakhil>	pockeylam, sure :)
Nov 02 20:05:56 <pockeylam>	lakhil, how many days can be hosted in novell india?
Nov 02 20:06:16 <pockeylam>	lakhil, if we have 50- 70 people join the hackfest
Nov 02 20:06:20 <lakhil>	pockeylam, that's the last option, we will be looking for
Nov 02 20:06:22 *	sakana (~max 111 82 46 156) has joined #asia-summit
Nov 02 20:06:34 <sakana>	sorry for the late ^^
Nov 02 20:06:39 <pockeylam>	sakana, hi 
Nov 02 20:06:54 <pockeylam>	sakana, we are talking about location , venues dates of the coming summit
Nov 02 20:06:58 <SFD_Fred>	i guess people prefer University.. shouldn't that be what we offer them?
Nov 02 20:07:03 <lakhil>	pockeylam, about days, we will have to ask again
Nov 02 20:07:13 <lakhil>	as we just discussed the possibilities last time
Nov 02 20:07:27 <pockeylam>	lakhil, if we want to host it in university, any status?
Nov 02 20:07:58 <lakhil>	pockeylam, mostly we will get yes for them but officially we haven't got any feedback
Nov 02 20:08:17 <pockeylam>	lakhil, yeah
Nov 02 20:08:35 <pockeylam>	lakhil, ideally, we can have 1 day in novell office, and 4 days in university
Nov 02 20:08:57 <lakhil>	let us ping the university management again
Nov 02 20:09:02 <pockeylam>	lakhil, thanks :)
Nov 02 20:09:23 <pockeylam>	AI: lakhil to ping the university management to check for the venues
Nov 02 20:10:03 <pockeylam>	for the dates, if we want to host it during the gnome 3.0 release...
Nov 02 20:10:28 <pockeylam>	it's gonna to be tricky .. since we are not sure when is the exact dates of release...
Nov 02 20:10:40 <pockeylam>	we may only know it last minutes
Nov 02 20:10:48 <wers>	yeah...
Nov 02 20:10:53 <pockeylam>	yippi, any suggestion?
Nov 02 20:10:53 <lakhil>	pockeylam, schedule is out for gnome 3.0
Nov 02 20:11:07 <pockeylam>	lakhil, it's a firmed schedule :) 
Nov 02 20:11:11 <pockeylam>	?
Nov 02 20:11:13 <SFD_Fred>	lakhil: confirmed one that will not change at all?
Nov 02 20:11:16 <lakhil>
Nov 02 20:11:25 <abharath>
Nov 02 20:11:28 <terral1>	there's no way to be 1000% sure, but its fairly solid at this point.
Nov 02 20:11:29 <abharath>	:D
Nov 02 20:11:33 <lakhil>	SFD_Fred, it's confirmed on desktop-devel list
Nov 02 20:12:00 <pockeylam>	 so according to the schedule, it will be end of April
Nov 02 20:12:01 <terral1>	I mean, we could hit a showstopper bug that would hold the release,  but there's no way to plan around that.
Nov 02 20:12:15 <wers>	yep
Nov 02 20:12:30 <wers>	I think last week fo April is safe
Nov 02 20:12:49 <wers>	start of May if we want to be super sure
Nov 02 20:12:52 <yippi>	i think during the release sounds best, is that what you are askign pockeylam?
Nov 02 20:13:00 <SFD_Fred>	thing is May 1st is holiday in a lot of places as well
Nov 02 20:13:06 <emily>	PockeyLam: May be we might ask Vincnt for his opinion about the date 
Nov 02 20:13:20 <pockeylam>	yippi, thanks! how about the dates, during the release, will that means last week of April? 
Nov 02 20:13:21 <wers>	SFD_Fred, yep! it's cool to be out on a holiday :D
Nov 02 20:13:29 <wers>	maybe last week of april
Nov 02 20:13:40 <wers>	that overlaps with May 1
Nov 02 20:13:42 <SFD_Fred>	wers: some people have family to take care of.. not sure. It's good and bad let's say
Nov 02 20:14:07 <wers>	SFD_Fred, still, it's easier to leave on a holiday 
Nov 02 20:14:24 <SFD_Fred>	wers: if you say so... you're not married that's why! ;-)
Nov 02 20:14:33 <wers>	oh May 1 is a sunday... doesn't matter..
Nov 02 20:14:35 <yippi>	i think the last week of april, or perhaps the last 4-5 days of april and the first 1-2 days of May
Nov 02 20:15:11 <yippi>	since the GNOME 3 release is scheduled for April 27th.
Nov 02 20:15:12 <pockeylam>	yippi, got it
Nov 02 20:15:32 <abharath>	how about flight expenses? would they vary much in that season? compared to march that we initially estimated?
Nov 02 20:15:34 <SFD_Fred>	if it's a Sunday then... sure, not a big difference
Nov 02 20:15:56 <SFD_Fred>	abharath: that's probably something we need to check again
Nov 02 20:16:17 <abharath>	SFD_Fred: yeah anyways not a big item for discussion :)
Nov 02 20:16:39 <yippi>	Why isn't Oracle's logo in the sponsors on
Nov 02 20:16:43 <yippi>	can this be fixed?
Nov 02 20:16:47 <yippi>
Nov 02 20:17:17 <pockeylam>	yippi, sure
Nov 02 20:17:22 <pockeylam>	it's strange... 
Nov 02 20:17:33 <SFD_Fred>	someone stole it?
Nov 02 20:17:38 <terral1>	yippi:  You read my email. ;)
Nov 02 20:17:42 <yippi>	:)
Nov 02 20:18:01 <yippi>	Sun/Oracle has always been such a supporter of's a shame to do something that might upset them.  :)
Nov 02 20:18:07 <wers>	SFD_Fred, :/
Nov 02 20:18:11 <pockeylam>	yippi, sorry...
Nov 02 20:18:22 <pockeylam>	no idea how come it got suddenly disappeared... fixing it right now
Nov 02 20:18:28 <SFD_Fred>	yippi: i agree. we should pay more attention to those kind of things
Nov 02 20:18:42 <SFD_Fred>	i have to admit I never go to our website
Nov 02 20:18:47 <emily>	Be sure we have the same sponsors list as :
Nov 02 20:18:57 <yippi>	just saying...
Nov 02 20:19:21 <terral1>	yippi:   it is linked on
Nov 02 20:19:43 <SFD_Fred>	yippi: you're right. this is something i pay a lot of attention elsewhere... i feel bad not to apply the same standards for
Nov 02 20:19:51 <terral1>	yippi: which was the predominant landing page and linked page,    we just need to get that added to the standard sponsor list.  It is an easy addition.
Nov 02 20:19:57 <wers>	looks like coscup isn't planning to upload slides and vids anymore
Nov 02 20:20:03 <yippi>	if you want to continue getting sponsors to donate money, you gotta treat them right
Nov 02 20:20:26 <yippi>	forgetting logos is bad mojo
Nov 02 20:21:26 *	emily has quit (Remote closed the connection)
Nov 02 20:21:46 <pockeylam>	done, oracle is back
Nov 02 20:21:48 <terral1>	wers: where did you see that?
Nov 02 20:21:49 <yippi>	thanks
Nov 02 20:21:59 <wers>	terral1, which one?
Nov 02 20:22:08 <yippi>	mmm, oracle logo
Nov 02 20:22:12 <terral1>	wers: never mind... i'll ask after meeting.
Nov 02 20:22:16 *	emily (~yc151230 sca-ea-fw-1 Sun COM) has joined #asia-summit
Nov 02 20:22:20 <yippi>	looks like a donut
Nov 02 20:22:24 <yippi>	hungry
Nov 02 20:22:29 <pockeylam>	yippi, sure, we will pay more attention
Nov 02 20:22:29 <abharath>	lol
Nov 02 20:22:42 <terral1>	yippi: lol
Nov 02 20:22:56 <pockeylam>	yippi, hehe, u have a better logo to give us? :)
Nov 02 20:23:05 <yippi>	that's the correct logo
Nov 02 20:23:09 <terral1>	pockeylam: you and I are on the hook for missing that one.  (the logo on home page.)   We did it on 7/14 for the coscup page.
Nov 02 20:23:11 <pockeylam>	yippi, great!
Nov 02 20:23:28 <pockeylam>	terral1, i dont' remember we did it together... 
Nov 02 20:23:37 <pockeylam>	terral1, but it's okay, it's here now, we need to pay more attention
Nov 02 20:24:11 <pockeylam>	terral1, can you help to move oracle one logo higher... 
Nov 02 20:24:22 <emily>	haha pockeylam 
Nov 02 20:24:24 <pockeylam>	terral1, , keep the same position
Nov 02 20:24:44 <pockeylam>	emily, terral1, oh no, we missed another one also 
Nov 02 20:24:54 <pockeylam>	the last logo of gold level... we don't have it 
Nov 02 20:25:09 <terral1>	pockeylam: They didn't send the update on that one. We will have to add it.  *sigh*
Nov 02 20:25:21 <pockeylam>	AI: terral1 to check the logos of sponsors of and add them 
Nov 02 20:25:27 <pockeylam>	terral1, :)
Nov 02 20:25:29 <terral1>	pockeylam: i'll pull that  in a bit.
Nov 02 20:25:29 <pockeylam>	terral1, is it okay? :)
Nov 02 20:25:34 <pockeylam>	terral1, thanks!
Nov 02 20:25:35 <terral1>	pockeylam: of course.
Nov 02 20:25:45 <yippi>	the oracle logo doesn't need to be just needs to not be forgotten
Nov 02 20:26:16 <pockeylam>	yippi, we agreed with coscup, we have positions for each sponsors
Nov 02 20:26:22 <yippi>	that's up to you.
Nov 02 20:26:24 <pockeylam>	yippi, who paid first, who will be placed first :)
Nov 02 20:26:34 <abharath>	pockeylam: ;)
Nov 02 20:27:01 <terral1>	Guys, I will have to leave soon,   if there are any things for me, perhaps  we could change order?
Nov 02 20:29:07 <pockeylam>	wers, do u want to update on the research of user experience ?
Nov 02 20:29:07 <abharath>	pay us more, and you'll go so high that you'll be out of the page :D
Nov 02 20:29:07 <pockeylam>	terral1, what order? 
Nov 02 20:29:07 <wers>	pockeylam, order of topics
Nov 02 20:29:07 <pockeylam>	abharath, LOL 
Nov 02 20:29:07 <pockeylam>	oic
Nov 02 20:29:07 <pockeylam>	terral1, sure!
Nov 02 20:29:07 <abharath>	terral1: maybe those 3 from Bronze also missing then?
Nov 02 20:29:07 <terral1>	abharath: when I pull the list it will get all of them at once.
Nov 02 20:29:07 <abharath>	or are they specific to coscup?
Nov 02 20:29:07 <pockeylam>	terral1,  please give an update on the proposal of website
Nov 02 20:29:07 <abharath>	terral1: aah sure
Nov 02 20:29:07 <pockeylam>	terral1, we saw your email about the pdf
Nov 02 20:30:03 <pockeylam>	terral1, are you here? 
Nov 02 20:30:08 <terral1>	So basically late last week I sent out an email to some of the designers that I have contract work done with,  asking for design concepts for the website update.  Just to see what they would come up with.  If we like any of the designs that get submitted,  I will have them build out some more interior pages.
Nov 02 20:30:12 <terral1>	yes.
Nov 02 20:30:16 <terral1>	;)
Nov 02 20:30:41 <pockeylam>	terral1, there is only one design? 
Nov 02 20:30:43 <pockeylam>	terral1, :)
Nov 02 20:30:47 <terral1>	so far, yes.
Nov 02 20:30:53 <pockeylam>	will there be more?
Nov 02 20:30:55 <terral1>	but its only been a few days.
Nov 02 20:30:57 <terral1>	should be.
Nov 02 20:31:00 <pockeylam>	or we have to comment on this one first?
Nov 02 20:31:09 <terral1>	we can comment on whatever
Nov 02 20:31:15 <emily>	? carry on ? 
Nov 02 20:31:16 <terral1>	I expect 3 to 5 submissions
Nov 02 20:31:23 <pockeylam>	terral1, great
Nov 02 20:31:41 <pockeylam>	so anybody who would love to comment?
Nov 02 20:31:54 <terral1>	this can be done independently from the  content updates to the site
Nov 02 20:32:01 <pockeylam>	for me, i prefer the pages can be a bit more colorful 
Nov 02 20:32:09 <pockeylam>	more dynamic 
Nov 02 20:32:15 <terral1>	I also have a contractor adding the last of the features you requested pockey
Nov 02 20:32:42 <terral1>	pockeylam: I was hoping we would get updated pictures from coscup,  which is why wers comment earlier was disturbing
Nov 02 20:32:51 <terral1>	we don't really have a lot of raw material to work with.
Nov 02 20:33:19 <terral1>	please send comments to email list, so that I can track them there and combine them for feedback to the designers
Nov 02 20:33:21 <wers>	Well, it says "The event was successfully ended. Slides and videos of the speeches will be online soon. Keep updated!" on
Nov 02 20:33:28 <wers>	it's been like that for months
Nov 02 20:33:40 <pockeylam>	terral1, as said, please go to to search for and get those under creative commons
Nov 02 20:33:53 <terral1>	I am also on the coscup  dropbox folder,  they didn't really add much to that.
Nov 02 20:34:06 <terral1>	pockeylam: it would be nice to have the full resolution pictures.
Nov 02 20:34:17 <pockeylam>	terral1, depends on the license, we just need to give credits back to links of the photos maybe
Nov 02 20:34:24 <pockeylam>	terral1, it's website...
Nov 02 20:34:31 <wers>	emily, sent me some... I just don't know about the licensing.. lemme dig that 
Nov 02 20:34:34 <pockeylam>	terral1, not print out... no need such high resolution
Nov 02 20:34:55 <pockeylam>	wers, hehe, most emily's pictures are me who took.... i m a bad photographer
Nov 02 20:35:04 <terral1>	pockeylam: if we have full resolution it gives designer a lot more flexibility when you start to crop the photos
Nov 02 20:35:05 <pockeylam>	wers, that's why i asked terral1 to go online to get some
Nov 02 20:35:38 <wers>	these are all I got
Nov 02 20:35:39 <pockeylam>	terral1, some pictures are big in flickr, can be like 3 mb
Nov 02 20:36:51 <wers>	now, I'm reminiscing. GNOME.Asia 2010 was a nice event. nice to meet you there :D
Nov 02 20:36:58 <pockeylam>	wers, :) 
Nov 02 20:37:01 <pockeylam>	wers, same here
Nov 02 20:37:08 <wers>	:D
Nov 02 20:37:12 <terral1>	heh
Nov 02 20:37:13 <SFD_Fred>	haha
Nov 02 20:37:19 <pockeylam>	terral1, i still think flickr is quite good in getting nice pictures
Nov 02 20:37:26 <terral1>	wers: email me those links please:  will lashell net
Nov 02 20:37:35 <wers>	terral1, consider it done
Nov 02 20:38:09 <pockeylam>	as said, i think our webpages can be more colorful :)
Nov 02 20:38:31 <pockeylam>	i think to add one more color on top of green is a good idea
Nov 02 20:38:36 <pockeylam>	but blue may not match :)
Nov 02 20:38:37 <abharath>	pockeylam: don't make them too colorful :D
Nov 02 20:38:44 <pockeylam>	the blue and the green doesnt match 
Nov 02 20:39:11 <pockeylam>	abharath, haha, never too much 
Nov 02 20:39:13 <abharath>	oh women :D
Nov 02 20:39:14 <terral1>	heh
Nov 02 20:39:35 <terral1>	it's always amusing to see the difference between eastern and western  websites.  
Nov 02 20:39:37 <terral1>	;)
Nov 02 20:39:45 <abharath>	terral1: make it orange and red :D hehe just kidding
Nov 02 20:39:48 <pockeylam>	how about replace the blue with orange
Nov 02 20:39:54 <emily>	One main theme as Green, and some other color in small place like yellow ? how about this ? 
Nov 02 20:39:55 <terral1>	pockeylam:   how goes the new content?
Nov 02 20:40:02 <pockeylam>	come on, blue and green don't match :)
Nov 02 20:40:03 <wers>	would the page shown in the pdf just be the press release or will that be the look and feel of the whole portal?
Nov 02 20:40:18 <terral1>	pockeylam: green and orange? ........
Nov 02 20:40:20 <wers>	it's ok for the press release, but it feels a little too posterized to be the portal's theme
Nov 02 20:40:26 <SFD_Fred>	colors should be match with a complimentary one.. there are some basic design guidelines to respect
Nov 02 20:40:30 <terral1>	wers:  still early in phase
Nov 02 20:40:35 <abharath>	SFD_Fred: +1
Nov 02 20:40:39 <wers>	the poster effect works for the press release 
Nov 02 20:41:01 <SFD_Fred>	besides all the blue was at the bottom.. which we all know nobody ever go there as they don't know browsers have scrollbars
Nov 02 20:41:03 <abharath>	No gaudy colors please :) green looks nice on the eyes :)
Nov 02 20:41:14 <abharath>	SFD_Fred: lol
Nov 02 20:41:15 <terral1>	ha ha ha
Nov 02 20:41:23 <terral1>	All good comments
Nov 02 20:41:29 <abharath>	terral1: :D
Nov 02 20:41:30 <terral1>	but send to the list.. so I can collate them.
Nov 02 20:42:00 <wers>	ok. I *might* make a wireframe 
Nov 02 20:42:12 <terral1>	wers: go for it.  
Nov 02 20:42:27 <terral1>	wers: if you have a wireframe I can get that built out as well.
Nov 02 20:42:30 <terral1>	at any rate.
Nov 02 20:42:34 <terral1>	I have to head out.
Nov 02 20:42:38 <pockeylam>	lakhil, please help to collect the comments and send to the list ? :)
Nov 02 20:42:41 <SFD_Fred>	which i why we should put sponsors logo either on the top or on the side - and not at the bottom
Nov 02 20:42:41 <SFD_Fred>	i have a link somewhere about colors if someone is interested... 
Nov 02 20:42:41 <SFD_Fred>	it's in flash though... 
Nov 02 20:42:43 <wers>	ok. tc terral1 
Nov 02 20:42:44 <SFD_Fred>	(interested as in 'interested to learn how to pick colors')
Nov 02 20:42:55 <terral1>	SFD_Fred:   I don't think that will be necessary.
Nov 02 20:42:58 <lakhil>	pockeylam, will send by tomorrow
Nov 02 20:43:05 <pockeylam>	SFD_Fred, yes, please 
Nov 02 20:54:02 <pockeylam>     lakhil, thanks!
Nov 02 20:54:03 <SFD_Fred>      i also felt the (only) proposal was not very graphical. I would add more photos and maybe some icons
Nov 02 20:54:03 <pockeylam>     SFD_Fred, i would be interested to learn :)
Nov 02 20:54:03 <SFD_Fred>      terral1: it wasn't necessary for you ;-) just a comment about colors
Nov 02 20:54:03 <pockeylam>     so, that's it, we all commented 
Nov 02 20:54:04 <pockeylam>     terral1, it's great we work on the website now ;) to get prepared for our coming summit
Nov 02 20:54:09 <terral1>       indeed.
Nov 02 20:54:11 <terral1>       seeya guys.
Nov 02 20:54:13 terral1 left the room (quit: Leaving.).
Nov 02 20:54:17 <abharath>	just to assure you nothing much happened :D
Nov 02 20:46:47 <sakana>	^^
Nov 02 20:46:58 <pockeylam>	so our last agenda item: User experience feedbacks on GNOME Desktop
Nov 02 20:47:14 <pockeylam>	wers, we saw your email exchanges with the usability team 
Nov 02 20:47:34 <wers>	pockeylam, yep. we'll have to settle this
Nov 02 20:47:43 <pockeylam>	wers, what's your suggestion? 
Nov 02 20:47:46 <wers>	may I know your feedback?
Nov 02 20:48:08 <wers>	I still have to reply to Kirk's last email. he has a lot of points that we have to consider. hehe
Nov 02 20:48:24 <wers>	I think, the Usability team has to discuss this further
Nov 02 20:48:34 <wers>	talking to the Marketing Team could also be beneficial
Nov 02 20:48:38 <wers>	your thoughts?
Nov 02 20:48:46 <SFD_Fred>	you guys talk a lot...
Nov 02 20:48:47 <SFD_Fred>	:D
Nov 02 20:48:49 <pockeylam>	wers, hehe all the emails are very theoretical 
Nov 02 20:49:00 <pockeylam>	wers, really donno what to comment hahaha
Nov 02 20:49:05 <wers>	hehe
Nov 02 20:49:23 <wers>	we'll probably discuss it tomorrow at the GNOME Design Office Hour
Nov 02 20:49:31 <wers>	I hope I can make it. I'm usually absent. hehe
Nov 02 20:49:38 <pockeylam>	wers, when is the meeting?
Nov 02 20:49:54 <abharath>	I see pockeylam running towards SFD_Fred with a big spear ;)
Nov 02 20:49:55 <pockeylam>	wers, i would like to join too
Nov 02 20:50:01 <wers>	that's tomorrow 11pm at GMT+8
Nov 02 20:50:04 <wers>	wait let me check
Nov 02 20:50:04 <abharath>	ouch that is gonna hurt bud :D
Nov 02 20:50:39 <pockeylam>	abharath, why would i do such a thing? ;) 
Nov 02 20:50:58 <abharath>	pockeylam: well just for fun? :D
Nov 02 20:51:02 <pockeylam>	wers, what channel? 
Nov 02 20:51:09 <pockeylam>	abharath, LOL
Nov 02 20:51:11 <wers>	#gnome-design
Nov 02 20:51:16 <pockeylam>	abharath, you becareful 
Nov 02 20:51:24 <pockeylam>	abharath, i run towards you instead 
Nov 02 20:51:26 <emily>	Tomorrow 10pm has Foundation IRC meeting 
Nov 02 20:51:37 <abharath>	emily: aah thanks for reminding
Nov 02 20:51:45 <abharath>	10pm timezone please :)
Nov 02 20:52:44 <wers>	wait. I'm asking on #gnome-design
Nov 02 20:52:48 <SFD_Fred>	10pm must be GMT+8
Nov 02 20:53:25 <emily>	sorry, guys, I need to go home now 
Nov 02 20:53:34 <emily>	My husband call me twice to go home ...
Nov 02 20:53:37 <pockeylam>	abharath, should be 10am EST 
Nov 02 20:53:42 <pockeylam>	emily, sure! please go 
Nov 02 20:53:53 <pockeylam>	emily, the meeting is almost over 
Nov 02 20:54:01 <emily>	I will read minute and feel free to give me AI 
Nov 02 20:54:09 <wers>	ok
Nov 02 20:54:09 <pockeylam>	emily, sure
Nov 02 20:54:14 <pockeylam>	emily, bye
Nov 02 20:54:20 <wers>	no answer yet. probably 11pm gmt_8
Nov 02 20:54:44 <SFD_Fred>	last week was 10pm gmt+8
Nov 02 20:54:45 <wers>	they're busy talking about UI stuff
Nov 02 20:54:54 <emily>	bye bye
Nov 02 20:54:56 <SFD_Fred>	did the us switch time?
Nov 02 20:54:56 *	emily (~yc151230 sca-ea-fw-1 Sun COM) has left #asia-summit
Nov 02 20:55:07 <wers>	I think it's daylight saving already
Nov 02 20:55:09 <pockeylam>	wers, it's okay
Nov 02 20:55:13 <pockeylam>	wers, let me know tomorrow then 
Nov 02 20:55:14 <wers>	that was trending on Google
Nov 02 20:55:16 <SFD_Fred>	wers: ah.. you're talking about the other meeting
Nov 02 20:55:17 <pockeylam>	wers, i online the whole day
Nov 02 20:55:26 <wers>	cool
Nov 02 20:55:27 <SFD_Fred>	wers: France did last weekend
Nov 02 20:55:28 <pockeylam>	SFD_Fred, wers talks about the design meeting
Nov 02 20:55:34 <abharath>	well don't remind me about daylight :( missed a GNOME Meeting by half an hour because of it :(
Nov 02 20:55:34 <wers>	hehe
Nov 02 20:55:58 <wers>	I'll just shoot an email to the thread
Nov 02 20:55:59 <SFD_Fred>	abharath: i have a friend who missed the first conference day because of jet lag/time difference
Nov 02 20:56:02 <abharath>	IST is best for me. Rock stable :D nothing can change it :D
Nov 02 20:56:10 <SFD_Fred>	abharath: he was even supposed to give a talk on that day... ouch!
Nov 02 20:56:16 <abharath>	ouch
Nov 02 20:56:37 <SFD_Fred>	abharath: showed up the next day thinking it was the 1st day...
Nov 02 20:56:45 <SFD_Fred>	felt so embarrassed 
Nov 02 20:57:30 <pockeylam>	wers, i will join the meeting with you tomorrow so i can comment later to give my thoughts :) 
Nov 02 20:57:43 <pockeylam>	so that's it for today
Nov 02 20:57:46 <SFD_Fred>	wers: so you guys, what s the plan for our work ?
Nov 02 20:57:47 <pockeylam>	thanks everybody ! 

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