Re: Meeting Minutes and Log - GNOME.Asia IRC meeting 2 Nov 2010

Thanks Akhil for the detailed meeting minutes.

Dear ALL,

As a lot of our committee members will be in the Boston Summit this week. Let's rest one week and resume our weekly meeting on 16th November, Tuesday.

Besides, since we are deciding the venue of host end of November, on top of looking at the results of the survey, it maybe a good idea if each host (e.g. Pockey for HK, Bharath/ Akhil for India and Utian / Wers for Indonesia) prepare a proposal of its city and submit to the mailing list before 26th November for consideration. So we can decide the location according to the proposal, what do you think?

Reference of proposal templates can be found at the bottom of


On 11/03/2010 01:23 PM, Akhil Laddha wrote:
Meeting Minutes: 

1. Update on last week action items
   * Allan drafted a simple email to claim access for facebook and accounts.

2. Update on statistic of pre-event survey

   * abharath approached Novell India and other indian gnome users
   * fred approached red hat singapore and novell USA
   * pockeylam approached canonical

   Initial statistics of survey shared by pockeylam
   Total response : 37
        1) 32% (12 people) of them involved in GNOME.30
        2) 65% (25 people) of them consider to join
        3) 54% from Asia, 27% from Europe, 8% from South America, 5% from North America, 3% from Australia , 3% no answer
        4) 55% (21 people) needs the gnome foundation to cover their expenses

      Venue of hackfest
1) Bangalore, India   10 votes 27.03% 
2) Any location   8 votes 21.62% 
3) Hong Kong, China  7 votes 18.92% 
4) Mysore, India  6 votes 16.22% 
5)Jakarta, Indonesia   5 votes 13.51% 
6)Bali, Indonesia  5 votes 13.51% 

      Type of venue
         1) Universities 17votes 4595%
         2) Resorts 8votes 21.62% 
         3) Youth hostel 2votes 5.41%
         4) office 4 votes 10.81% 
         5) any venue 5 votes 13.51%

       Date of hackfest
         1) 24% (9 people) votes for during the GNOME 3.0 release
         2) 19% (7 people) votes for after the GNOME 3.0 release
         3) 14% (5 people) votes for before the GNOME 3.0 release
3. Discuss on the venue and date for the GNOME.Asia Summit 2011
    <wers>  I think last week fo April is safe
    <wers>  start of May if we want to be super sure
    <yippi>  i think during the release sounds best
    <yippi>  i think the last week of april, or perhaps the last 4-5 days of april and the first 1-2 days of May
    <yippi>  since the GNOME 3 release is scheduled for April 27th

4. User experience feedbacks on GNOME Desktop

5. Update on the proposal of website
     <yippi Logos are missing in gnomeasia site
     <terral1> So basically late last week I sent out an email to some of the designers that I have contract work done with, asking for design concepts for the website update. Just to see what they would come up with. If we like any of     the  designs that get submitted, I will have them build out some more interior pages
     <terral1> I expect 3 to 5 submissions
      <wers>  GNOME.Asia 2010 pics all I got

   Discussion about color change in website but no conclusion.

AI of the week
AI: WILL to send the drafted email to mario to claim access for facebook and accounts (and copy the committee list)
AI: lakhil to ping the university management to check for the venues
AI: terral1 to check the logos of sponsors of and add them

Please find complete meeting log attached.

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