[COSCUP-GAS] 2010-0818 Weekly Meeting - Meeting Minutes

Dear Pockey,

I summary the meeting minutes here[1], you can update if I missed any :)

Date: 8/17, 2010
Time: 14:00~15:00 UTC (22:00-24:00 UTC+8)
Format: In Person Meeting at Zhongxiao-Dunhua Station in Taipei


  1. Program
    1. email thanks letters to speakers / collect slides / licence confirmation (default: BY-NC-SA)
    2. schedule to publish slides
  2. Sponsorship
    1. will send satisfaction survey to sponsors. (after audience survey) (Email GASC for double confirm before sending out)
    2. Audience survey should be done within this week. (incl. audience's blog links, Bob will inform CCLien)
    3. Get sponsors' quotations. (for PR)
  3. Press Release
    1. Joint press release one time. (in the meeting, we discussed if it's possible to release in twice. The final call is just one.)
    2. Release channels will include 中央社 (all local media), internet media, etc.
  4. Recording
    1. Video: choupi will send DVD which includes all GNOME track videos to Emily.
    2. All videos will be put on pixnet (CDN), seperated by talks. (then we can put videos on youtube, 土豆, etc...)
    3. Have one photo collection (less than 60 pictures would be better.) (小朱)
    4. Invite/promote use tags on related blog articles: coscup2010, gnome.asia
  5. Finance
    1. we reviewed roughly the surplus amount and percentage in the meeting.
    2. will have calculation within 1~2 weeks.

[1] http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AUQvFakzZ0V-ZGRucjR2d2tfMzA5Y3BrejRrYzY&hl=en


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