Re: Vote : Do we need simultaneous interpretation


I would like to get feedback from every committee member about "*simultaneous interpretation*". From your opinion, do you think simultaneous interpretation is necessary? Currently, the venue in BUAA support simultaneous interpretation which means they can provide the devices for simultaneous interpretation.

The cost for simultaneous interpretation is
Devices: 6000 * 2 days = 12000RMB
Fee for interpretors : One person one day :  10000RMB

I wouldn't think that interpretors provided by a service would be able
to easily translate technical terminology.  It wouldn't work so well if
the translators don't already have an understanding of GNOME and the
GNOME community since these will be the topics.

Couldn't people from the GNOME community who already work at Sun
volunteer to do translation?  This would avoid having to pay fees, and
the people would likely be better able to translate what people are


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