[Anjuta-list] Confused...

Hello all.
I'm still getting "Are you sure you want to debug a program not using the
Debug configuration?". Of course I could just say "Do not show again",
but that defeats the purpose of warnings, doesn't it?

In the Anjuta manual, I finds this:

+ The build directory
+ This is the build directory name. In the Default configuration, it is
+ the same directory as the source directory but autotools supports
+ building in a different directory.
+ Each configuration must have a different build directory and if one
+ configuration uses the source directory, you cannot have other
+ configurations at the same time. You need to run Build ▸ Remove
+ Configuration on the configuration using the source directory before
+ adding a new configuration.

So, basically, (I understand) it says: by default (out-of-the-box) it uses
the source directory, and you cannot use the other options, because if
one uses the source directories, the others won't work.

Now, running "Remove configuration" produces an error here:

+ Error: source directory already configured; run "make distclean" there
+ first.

But, the manual for "Remove configuration" tells me:

+ ... choose Build ▸ Remove Configuration. It run make
+ distclean and deletes more files than Clean Project. In other words, it
+ leaves the project as though it has just been extracted from a
+ distribution tarball...

Just to be sure, I tried to run "make distclean" in the source dir, but
the error remains.

I'm confused...

Could it be that the new directories (the ones to build Debug for
example) have to be at the same level as $prefix/src (say $project/debug)?

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