Re: [Anjuta-list] Anjuta for AVR embedded development

this is my progress so far:
- I've installed the newest Anjuta 2.4.1, because the Fedora 8 version
was still 2.2.3. I've noticed some changes, but no progress on my
- I've tried to use the "Minimal C Project" - editing the
and, but that's really too complex for my purposes and it
seems useless.

> > The basic two features I miss are at very first place the auto
> > completion in respect to the avr header files.
> >
> Massimo and Johannes are working on a new symbol database plugin. I'm not
> really involved in it, but I think it could solve this problem.
Well, I still don't understand which plugin or gnome library is
involved in the autocompletion. I've actually never did another
project with Anjuta - does the IDE auto complete included headers,
which are not part of the current project - e.g. gnome or SDL headers
in /usr/include ? Are this the API's in the Symbols preferences? If
that's the case, then there should be a simple way to insert the avr
headers,too. When I try to add the /usr/avr/include in those
preferences nothing happens.

> > The second basic feature concerns the Project view and the Makefile.
>This involved different plugins and part of Anjuta:
> ...
>3. An AVR plugin.
>If you just need to add a few menu items to Anjuta interface, you probably
>don't need all this. It's quite easy to write an plugin adding a few buttons.
>You can start and ask for support here.
The idea about the Project View and the "make target" actions can
actually be substituted with some gui buttons - this solves those two
problematic points.
So, the main point - making Anjuta avr-includes-aware - remains the
central problem. I believe, that once it is solved, there will be no
problem of writing a simple plugin with a project template and some
gui entries.

Best regards,
Danail Nedyalkov

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