Re: [Anjuta-list] Anjuta for AVR embedded development


Danail Nedyalkov a écrit :
The basic two features I miss are at very first place the auto
completion in respect to the avr header files.

Massimo and Johannes are working on a new symbol database plugin. I'm not really involved in it, but I think it could solve this problem.

The second basic feature concerns the Project view and the Makefile.

This involved different plugins and part of Anjuta:

1. The makefile project manager. This part is responsible for displaying the project view: so all targets and source files but not build them.

The projects are handled by the project-manager plugin which used gnome-build. Gnome-build supports itself several plugins (called backend) and one of it supports makefile. But, it's not working very well. I think that nobody work on this.

As you edit your makefile by hand, I don't know if you need some improvements here or not.

2. The build plugin. This part is responsible for building the project (all the Build menu). Depending on the project kind a different plugin can be loaded.

I would like to make some changes in this plugin and in the interface implemented by it (IAnjutaBuildable). I think this interface is already used by external Anjuta plugin (for maemo in particular), and there is already some support for scratchbox that I would like to keep and try to improve a bit if possible. Rob Bradford is already interested about improving this part to support cross compilation.

Again, I don't know if you need some particular support here. But if yes it will interesting if you participate to some discussion about this. I will try to propose something in one or two weeks. I plan to work on this for some time (if I don't get too much bug reports on the debugger).

3. An AVR plugin.

If you just need to add a few menu items to Anjuta interface, you probably don't need all this. It's quite easy to write an plugin adding a few buttons. You can start and ask for support here.



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