[Anjuta-list] is anjuta dead?

Seems someone is autoresponding to users who post to the list (or send mail to 
him/her with [Anjuta-list] in the subject line.

I got this responce, and once I responded to the user, I got it again:

Received: from mta01-svc.ntlworld.com ([])
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          id <20031105193338r1200p9dm3e>; Wed, 5 Nov 2003 19:33:39 +0000
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Subject: Re: [Anjuta-list] anjuta and old gtk
From: gareth foster <earthwormgaz 666 btinternet com>
To: dim owner <rtpc comcast net>
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Date: 05 Nov 2003 19:33:37 +0000
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is anjuta dead?

is any body still working on the project? it seems to have gone quiet of
late, and there has been no news about Anjuta 2.0 final. I had heard at
one point that Ximian were hacking on Anjuta? And what about Scaffold?
Is that dead too?

Would be nice to get some updates, so people know.



On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 00:47, dim owner wrote:
> hi all,
> I've got an Suse 8.2 box, with both gtk2.2.1 (unfortunately ... if it were 
> 2.2.2 I could use a more modern gimp package) and an older gtk ... 
> specifically, this one:
> doc holiday:~> rpm -qi gtk
> Name        : gtk                          Relocations: (not relocateable)
> Version     : 1.2.10                            Vendor: SuSE Linux AG, 
> Nuernberg, Germany
> Release     : 552                           Build Date: Tue 25 Mar 2003 
> 10:40:02 AM EST
> And I just tossed the anjuta that came with Suse because it was failing in a 
> bizarre way.  So I built my own 1.1.97, and viola! -- problem solved.  
> Great, BUT ...
> the whole point of this for me was to use Anjuta to develop gimp plugins, 
> my gimp uses the old gtk.  The options for gtk 1.0 are gone now.  Any ideas 
> how to (recompile anjuta) to get them, and keep the gtk2 ones too?
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