Re: [Anjuta-list] Like to be part of the team (been sitting on the sidelines)

On 2001.12.20 05:14 Chris Woodruff wrote:
> So let me know if anyone has ideas for updating and developing new docs.

There are some Documentation tasks in the task manager on SourceForge which I posted a long time ago. 

- need to update the screenshots (which may change further soon if Biswa can complete the tagmanager stuff and Misha and I complete the appwizard)
- guide to shortcut keys
- guide to env vars from
- use of help and context help
- explain that we can launch Glade

Any new features since 0.1.6 are basically not covered yet.

The two Glade tutorials that were written recently (publicised on the news sites) would have been great additions - as a separate document. I contacted the authors via their guest books, but neither have replied.

Andy Piper - Farnborough, Hampshire (UK)
andy piper freeuk com - ICQ #86489434

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