Re: [anjuta-devel] Keep path relative to the project directory

Hi Massimo,

Le 02/02/2012 22:44, Massimo Cora' a écrit :
well, nope I don't store anything absolute in the db.
Just do a "select * from file;" on .anjuta_symbol_db.db in any project.
There are slashes at the initial position of the entries, but just to
concatenate them with the absolute project path given by project-manager

That's fine, so no changes are needed.

Did you get some issues with the symbol-db and your new patch?

I have tried on the simple project, indeed the symbol-db seems to work fine. But I get a warning: libanjuta-symbol-db-WARNING **: Strange enough, no files in project ->gtk-foobar51b<- found

I have created a gtk project with the project wizard in gtk-foobar51, close anjuta, rename the directory to gtk-foorbar51b and open it again with anjuta.



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