Re: [anjuta-devel] Selecting and storing AVR debug platform and target device


2. Modify build plugin, which adds a combobox when there's a plugin which
implements the TargetsListInterface.
Any idea how to check that? Any functions/files which I should definitely

You can check the code used to find language-support plugins in
document-manager/plugin.c or the code used to find suitable version
control plugins in file-manager/plugin.c for examples to find implemented
interfaces of plugins. You need to mention that interface in the
file though as this is the only way to detect it.

I don't like the name TargetListsInterface that much, I think it should be
something with "Build", maybe IAnjutaBuildTarget.

3. Let the AVR plugin implement the interface. Hardcode all supported
devices by avr-gcc?

Better use some kind of configuration file that can be easily adjusted,
like a .ini or .xml file. In case avr-gcc provides and option to list
supported devices, that would be even better.

I am sure you mentioned that somewhere before, but can you give me a
pointer to the git repository you are using? Also I am not sure I have
seen all of your weekly reports on gnome-soc-list.


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