Re: [anjuta-devel] symbol-db progress

في خ، 10-02-2011 عند 22:00 +0100 ، كتب Massimo Cora':

On 02/06/2011 11:13 PM, Johannes Schmid wrote:

Also, I'm expecting to see the vala symbols in the symbol browser, but I
don't see anything. What could I be doing wrong?

What vala symbols do you mean? I haven't touched project symbols and I
think Massimo did neither.

I didn't touch the symbols on master. Did you see vala symbols before? 
Does Anjuta 2.32 show symbols?
Sorry, it seems I've confused two completely unrelated things.

The problem I'm seeing, is that I don't see Vala symbols in the Project
Tab of the symbol browser. I'll try to investigate this, and file a bug
when I find something. (I'm not sure if it did work with 2.32 or not,
I'll try it and report back).

Is the current work you are doing only useful for autocompletion? (i.e.
unrelated to the UI)? If so, I think I have completely misunderstood,
you can ignore what I said before.


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