Re: [anjuta-devel] symbol-db progress


                 في ن، 31-01-2011 عند 17:51 +0100 ، كتب Johannes Schmid:

If I understand correctly, this would also allow other language support
plugins to specify the files they want scanned, right? This would be
interesting for vala to parse vapis and maybe for javascript to parse
the girs that are used in that file/target. If this is correct, how
should I do to implement this?

Ses, that can be done theoretically. There is a new API in
* add_package (name, version, files)
* (de)activate_package (name, version)
* deactivate_all()

When you want to include some external files you can call add_package()
and when you decide a package is necessary for autocompletion for the
current file/project you can activate it.
Well, I'm not sure it's working as I expect it. For one, it seems that
l-s-cpp-java adds packages whether it's loaded for C or for Vala. 

(I guess an option would be to move the indentation code to its own
plugin so other C specific stuff doesn't get loaded, but this may be
more work than it's worth).

Also, I'm expecting to see the vala symbols in the symbol browser, but I
don't see anything. What could I be doing wrong?

btw, vala does also use pkg-config but the user doesn't need to see C
symbol names, so I think separating how pkg-config packages are handled
and determining which files are in a given package would be best. This
is probably also related to the project manager (which does show
packages and files in them).

All the pkg-config specific code is in libanjuta/anjuta-pkg-*. It is
already used by the project-manager.
Well, it seems the project manager is also loading only C headers. I
would like it not to load C files in a Vala-only project, since they
would be useless and would only clutter the project view. Sould I file a
bug for this?

Thanks and regards,

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