Re: [anjuta-devel] symbol-db progress


Well, I'm not sure it's working as I expect it. For one, it seems that
l-s-cpp-java adds packages whether it's loaded for C or for Vala. 

That's mainly an incomplete implementation for now but good that you
bring it up. Mainly the check for the language is missing completely atm.

(I guess an option would be to move the indentation code to its own
plugin so other C specific stuff doesn't get loaded, but this may be
more work than it's worth).

I have thought about it but I am not yet sure it's worth it. I moved
everything to it's own files now and it should be easy to create a
single plugin.

Also, I'm expecting to see the vala symbols in the symbol browser, but I
don't see anything. What could I be doing wrong?

What vala symbols do you mean? I haven't touched project symbols and I
think Massimo did neither.


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