Re: [anjuta-devel] Glade drag and drop


As the developer of the vala support plugin, I would like to get a
notice when some nice feature like this is implemented, so I can try to
implement it before the release? (I won't guarantee I can find time for
it, but it would be nice to know in advance).

Well, I was in the roadmap with a details page for over a year, I demo'd
it at GUADEC and I think it was also discussed on the mailing list a
while ago while making the new roadmap. Sorry, more open development is
hardly possible. Most of the work was actually done in glade(3) so the
anjuta code is less than 100 lines.

Anyway, I tried implementing this and found a problem (and another
problem in libvala): I'd like to trigger automatic indentation, and the
fact this is not in the same plugin complicates things.

The problem is that in vala, the signal could be dropped inside a class,
I'd like to correctly indent the generated handler.

Yes, I was aware that this is a problem for other languages than C. It
is the same for python, btw. The solution I though of was to add a new
interface, something like:

ianjuta_indenter_indent (IAnjutaIterable* start, IAnjutaIterable* end);

that is implemented by the language-support plugins that support
indentation. I think that is trivial to implement actually, just
something that needs to be done.

It is possible that some of the glade stuff should be common in
libanjuta but I am not sure yet. But if you feel that you are copying
code that is common, please mention it.


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