[anjuta-devel] Glade drag and drop

                 في ن، 31-01-2011 عند 23:37 +0100 ، كتب Johannes Schmid:
Anjuta 2.91.6 "To all the dead poets" (31 January 2010) -- Johannes Schmid

- Support for dragging signals from glade into the code (C only)
As the developer of the vala support plugin, I would like to get a
notice when some nice feature like this is implemented, so I can try to
implement it before the release? (I won't guarantee I can find time for
it, but it would be nice to know in advance).

Anyway, I tried implementing this and found a problem (and another
problem in libvala): I'd like to trigger automatic indentation, and the
fact this is not in the same plugin complicates things.

The problem is that in vala, the signal could be dropped inside a class,
I'd like to correctly indent the generated handler.


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