[anjuta-devel] Anjuta Vala bindings

Hello everyone,

I have made some changes to the vala plugin : using the markers in the
gutter for errors, and a refactoring to use the new project manager
(still incomplete), but I've done some hacks in my local installation to
make it work (and that's why I haven't sent the patches yet).

Anyway, the problem is with updating the vala bindings to 3.0,
dependency on gdl, and the hope to use gir instead of gidl. I'd like to
discuss the solutions here.

1. Keep using the gidl based bindings
  1.1. skip AnjutaDock (and thus remove the dependency on gdl)
  1.2. somehow generate the vapi for gdl.
Of these I think 1.1 is better, but the disadvantage is that I'm the
only one who knows how to update the bindings (I can publish
instructions somewhere, but that's not the point).

2. use the gir files directly
  + get the benefits of corrected gir annotations immediately
  + no need to manually update bindings
  - needs switch-to-gir branch of vala (the main fix is present in
master, so we can use that with some workarounds)
  - needs the fix for bug 635287 (in gtk)

3. generate the vapi from the gir
  + get the benefits corrected gir annotations
  - need to be manually generated on a system who has the above fixes
  - may have a problem with gdl (so we'd need to skip that)

In my system, I tried 1.2 and 2 (and to some extent 3), but I think the
best would be 3. What do you think?

Another question is whether we should install the vapi or not, it's
nicer for external plugins written in vala (until vala supports gir


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