Re: [xslt] Parse stylesheet from a string (in memory) instead of from a file?

Hi Christian,

I had to solve this once before. My solution had then several step:
- use xmlReadMemory from libxml2 to read the XML from memory. this creates an xmlDocPtr
- use xmlDocGetRootElement to get the root xmlNodePtr
- use xsltParseStylesheetDoc from libxslt to create the xsltStylesheetPtr
- use xsltApplyStylesheet with the the stylesheet and an xmlDocPtr to convert.

Thank you for the reply!  My colleague actually found a post from 2002 with a slightly simpler solution:

So this reduces the solution to two steps (although there should also be an intermediate check that temp 
isn't NULL)

xmlDocPtr temp = xmlParseMemory(mystring, (int)strlen(mystring)); 
xsltStylesheetPtr xsl = xsltParseStylesheetDoc(temp);

From there I can use xsltApplyStylesheet as before, and this approach works perfectly for my use case.


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