Re: [xslt] Parse stylesheet from a string (in memory) instead of from a file?

Hi Leif,

I had to solve this once before. My solution had then several step:
- use xmlReadMemory from libxml2 to read the XML from memory. this creates an xmlDocPtr
- use xmlDocGetRootElement to get the root xmlNodePtr
- use xsltParseStylesheetDoc from libxslt to create the xsltStylesheetPtr
- use xsltApplyStylesheet with the the stylesheet and an xmlDocPtr to convert.

This worked quite well in my case.

Best regards,

On Wed, Nov 17, 2021 at 6:44 PM Bloomquist, Leif via xslt <xslt gnome org> wrote:

Hi all,


I’m porting an application that uses libxml/libxslt to an embedded platform that has no filesystem.


Accordingly, I’m trying to find (and hopefully not have to write) an equivalent to xsltParseStylesheetFile() that accepts a string representation of the stylesheet, instead of a filename/URI pointing to it.  Coming up blank.


For the schema file, I was able to simply replace xmlSchemaNewParserCtxt() with xmlSchemaNewMemParserCtxt() – is there an equivalent in libxslt that I’m overlooking?


I’m also willing to accept that there is a better approach that I haven’t considered : - )


Any help appreciated.




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