Re: [xslt] indentation problem and some related questions

> - get rid of unused namespaces by using exclude-result-prefixes on the stylesheet
> - if you create an element in a certain namespace, you can _not_ change the namespace later on as the namespace have become an integral part of the  element.
I'm already using exclude-result-prefixes. Also, this is not an
"elements created in a certain namespace problem", I think.
Here's an example:

XML document:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<my:entry xmlns:my="";
<my:content xmlns="";>
<h1>example data</h1>
<p>hello there</p>
<p>and one more</p>

When I deep-copy the insides of this thing's <content> element,  I get
something like this:
<h1 xmlns:my="";
<p xmlns:my="";
xmlns:xsi="";>hello there</p>
<p xmlns:my="";
xmlns:xsi="";>and one more</p>

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