Re: [xslt] indentation problem and some related questions

On 16/11/2008, Viktor Štujber <theultramage gmail com> wrote:
>>> Issue 2: unable to query document using element names.
>> yes, because its XHTML, where the elements are in a namespace, so you need
>> namespace prefixes on the element names in the xpath expression.
> In the original document, these elements existed under a default
> namespace. My stylesheet also declares this namespace and also uses it
> as default. Since the namespaces match, I shouldn't need to do any
> extra steps, right? But since it doesn't work, I assume that the
> namespaces are actually mutually exclusive instead of matching. I
> checked my earlier project where I did something similar, and saw that
> it worked there just fine. The only difference that in there, the xsl
> stylesheet had no default namespace defined.
While xslt1 recognices default namespaces, xpath1 does not. The only way to
specify the namespace for xpath1 is the explicit prefix.

>>> Issue 3: namespace declarations in the xml document leak into the output.
>> the serializer in XSL processors usually gets namespace decls right,
>> honestly.
> Yeah, but the xsl:copy-of operation copies over all xmlns: attributes,
> even for namespaces that are never used in the final output. For
> example, if I attach an xml stylesheet to the xml data file,
> xsl:copy-of will introduce the xmlns:xsi namespace declaration to all
> copied elements (topmost level). And having funky xmlns: attributes
> all over my webpage makes it look strange :)
A few remarks might help in understanding what happens to you.
- get rid of unused namespaces by using exclude-result-prefixes on the
- "xmlns" might look like an attribute but it is _not_!
- if you create an element in a certain namespace, you can _not_ change the
  namespace later on as the namespace have become an integral part of the
If you have an element "mmm" in a certain namespace (or in no-namespace) in
your input, and you want to copy it to the result, its namespace gets
copied with
it. If you want to output an element "mmm" with a different namespace the only
way is to create such an element in your stylesheet and add it to the
output tree.

Hope this helps,


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