Re: [xslt] HTTP header problem: xsltproc from PHP/Windows

> Hopefully someone will have a suggestion!


Are you really saying that, completely apart from any use

of PHP, you are running xsltproc in a standard (cmd.exe)

Windows shell and getting xsltproc output after the

next shell prompt appears? If so, it might be interesting

to know exactly what version of Windows you have (the

output of your command shell's "VER" command).


About the only way I can imagine seeing this behavior

when running xsltproc in a Windows cmd.exe command

shell is if someone has (inexplicably) built your xsltproc.exe

as a GUI app instead of as a console app. If you have

a copy of Microsoft's dumpbin laying around, you could

check this by doing:


    dumpbin /headers xsltproc.exe


and looking to see what value is listed in front of

the "subsystem" header (not the "subsystem version"

header). Some versions of cmd.exe are willing to

not block for program termination when executing

an app whose .exe is marked as a GUI app.


OTOH, if this is not seen outside of PHP, then a PHP

forum probably holds the answer for you (I notice a

plausible Google search turns up lots of people

struggling with getting the desired output from PHP


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