Re: [xslt] preparing releases, test the CVS snapshot

Daniel Veillard wrote:

> I finally managed to free up a few days for libxml2 and libxslt
> maintainance.
> I'm going though a lot of old bug reports and made a number of changes,
> some
> of them are substancial, touching the SAX behaviour or file/URL handlings,
> I suggest people check the CVS version (directly or the snapshots at
> in the next couple of days before the
> releases,

Did you also fix/change the patch for the XInclude-processing in XSL-stylesheets? It's IMHO important to fix it or revert the patch, because of and similar issues (reading your mails I guess, you already know about them).

Unfortunately I cannot test the snapshots atm, so reverting the patch and delaying the requested feature may be a possible solution too.

Regards, Daniel
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