Re: [xslt] Any interest in an alternative syntax for XSLT?

On Thursday 31 August 2006 16:04, Danny Brian wrote:
> >> C'mon Daniel! libxslt2!
> >
> >   You're looking for at least 6 months of programming and debugging
> > full time by someone who know the library and the associated specs.
> > I suggest you hire Kasimier to implement it if you really need it.
> > I don't have time, my employeer won't let me get 6 months off for it
> > and honnestly I don't blame them. Print the set of associated specs,
> > weight them, print the XPath1/XSLT-1 specs, weight them, It took me
> > around 1 year to get the latter done, compare the weights, make a
> > linear estimation and take into consideration experience done with
> > first
> > set. Then you can make your own estimation of how long it's gonna take
> > if you try to do it, or try to get someone to do it for you.
> >   Now can you tell me why you needed that amount of work to be done
> > other than "I would very much like it" ?
> I was neither suggesting that you do it alone, nor was I being
> completely serious. The exclamation points here are meant to be half-
> sarcastic "egging-you-on", because I know how you feel about it from
> previous discussions. I'm well aware of the work involved and that
> you do not have the time.
> What I would "very much like" is to see a C/C++ XSLT 2 project begun,
> by you, by me, by someone, and this is a good place to discuss it.
> And I did say that there were willing code/funds contributors; I
> happen to know this because my employer retains both. I'll take the
> issue off the list with Kasimier and others.

What exactly is your interest in this? It's on a "hobby basis", that it would 
be fun to have, or is it a commercial interest?



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