Re: [xslt] Any interest in an alternative syntax for XSLT?

C'mon Daniel! libxslt2!

  You're looking for at least 6 months of programming and debugging
full time by someone who know the library and the associated specs.
I suggest you hire Kasimier to implement it if you really need it.
I don't have time, my employeer won't let me get 6 months off for it
and honnestly I don't blame them. Print the set of associated specs,
weight them, print the XPath1/XSLT-1 specs, weight them, It took me
around 1 year to get the latter done, compare the weights, make a
linear estimation and take into consideration experience done with first
set. Then you can make your own estimation of how long it's gonna take
if you try to do it, or try to get someone to do it for you.
  Now can you tell me why you needed that amount of work to be done
other than "I would very much like it" ?

I was neither suggesting that you do it alone, nor was I being completely serious. The exclamation points here are meant to be half- sarcastic "egging-you-on", because I know how you feel about it from previous discussions. I'm well aware of the work involved and that you do not have the time.

What I would "very much like" is to see a C/C++ XSLT 2 project begun, by you, by me, by someone, and this is a good place to discuss it. And I did say that there were willing code/funds contributors; I happen to know this because my employer retains both. I'll take the issue off the list with Kasimier and others.

- Danny

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