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I remember having a similar compilation problem recently, and it seemed that there were symbols that had changed in recent libxml2 from the docs on ( I could be wrong about that )

Anyhow, I used these two lines and it seemed to work out:

	xmlSubstituteEntitiesDefaultValue = 1;
	xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue = 1;

Both are located in globals.h. Hope that helps...

Todd Ditchendorf

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On Aug 14, 2006, at 4:11 PM, Alexander Johannesen wrote:

On 8/15/06, Luana Knoff <lua knoff gmail com> wrote:
The problems happen when xmlSubstituteEntitiesDefault(1); is called.
If I cut this line the problems will occur when
xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue = 1; is called. And so on.

Any hints are welcome.

First hint would be to tell us what the problem actually is. :)

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