Re: [xslt] Problems with Libxslt


The problems is a runtime exception. The execution stops when any
function of libxslt is called by the second time.

I need to do some transformations with web pages in my server.
Everything goes well by the first transformation of a web page, but
when I try to do the same transformation with the same page by the
second time, everything goes well 'till find any function of libxslt.

int ModToWml(string s, char* stylesheet)

    const char* params[1];
    xsltStylesheetPtr cur = NULL;
    xmlDocPtr doc, res;


    params[0] = NULL;

    xmlSubstituteEntitiesDefault(1);  //the execution stops here:
runtime exception

    xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue = 1;  //if I remove the line above the
error occurs here

    doc = xmlParseFile("myfile.txt");



If you need some more details please tell me.

Thank you!


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