Re: [xslt] Extending EXSLT support to get the crypto part


> > > ...Does it make sense to connect this to xmlsec? It is likely that, in 
> > > practice, crypto extensions to XSLT will be used along with XMLSec. How 
> > > realistic is the idea to call into libxmlsec from within libexslt to get 
> > > crypto functionality, taking required modifications to both into account?


> Except you're generating a circular (nearly) dependancy
> xmlsec needs libxml2 and libxslt packages
> so if we go the xmlsec route, it's better to use dynamic loading anyway
> to keep sane dependancies and avoid cycles .....

sounds like we need 


which dynamically loads the crypto functions that both xmlsec and libexslt
can use. 


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