Re: [xslt] Possible Memory Leak found

Mike Hommey said:
> Hi,
> I triggered a memory leak in libxslt 1.1.2 (with libxml2 2.6.6),
> which is
> reproducible with xsltproc. It has been found with valgrind.
> I first need to check if it is still there with latest libxslt, but
> I would
> also like to know what kind of informations I should be needed to
> send with my
> report. I only found information about memory debugging for libxml2
> on the
> website, which I assume would be a good start, but I'm wandering if
> there are
> any other activatable stuff specific to libxslt.
> Cheers
> Mike

Hi Mike,

  If a problem is reproducible with xsltproc, it's only necessary to
provide a sample file which triggers the problem.  You can either
post that directly to this list, or (if you prefer) open a bug
report.  In either case, I can assure you there will be a prompt
investigation and response (we take memory leaks *very*



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