Re: [xslt] Possible Memory Leak found


William M. Brack wrote:
> Hi Mike,
>   If a problem is reproducible with xsltproc, it's only necessary to
> provide a sample file which triggers the problem.  You can either
> post that directly to this list, or (if you prefer) open a bug
> report.  In either case, I can assure you there will be a prompt
> investigation and response (we take memory leaks *very*
> seriously).

Okay, so, attached to this mail is a reduced test case (I removed a lot 
of things, but kept things so that the same amount of memory is leaked 
as with the full XSLT file.)
I didn't have time yet to test with libxslt 1.1.4, so I still don't know 
if it has been already fixed or not.





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