Re: [xslt] problems with libxslt and python on Mac OS X

On 8 Apr 2004, at 12:26, Marc-Antoine Parent wrote:

> I guess that was a not? I made a mistake: I should have said:
> You should be able to use your binding libraries (the ones that refer 
> to Python) (i.e. the mods...) with my libxml dylibs

Yeah it was a not... Okay, that makes more sense.

>> Anyway, I followed your build-with-prebinding instructions and 
>> everything built fine.
>> However, the python mods are pre-bound to the python in 
>> /System/Library/Frameworks/ rather than /Library/Frameworks.
> Oh! Of course! You can change which one is linked with -F. So you 
> would want as full arguments to the mod builds:
>   -Xlinker -F -Xlinker /Library/Frameworks  -Xlinker -framework 
> -Xlinker Python

Aha, I'm re-making to see whether this makes a difference...

> But let's be purists here.

But of course :)



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