Re: [xslt] linking of libexslt

On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 10:54:12AM -0500, Graham Wilson wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 02:43:44AM -0400, Daniel Veillard wrote:
> > > Also, there is code in libexslt's (although it is commented
> > > out) which links libexslt against the recently-built libxslt, instead of
> > > the system libxslt. Why is this commented out? Isn't this the right way
> > > to do it?
> > 
> >   Because dependancies between "being built" libraries is a problem in
> > practice. It is very likely that I did so to ensure that the common case
> > I can test and debug and must have working do indeed work.
> >   I takes patches about configure/Makefile and shared libraries but with
> > a lot of caution, because usually I get patches which work for the platform
> > or the use case for which the person was interested in but tend to break
> > othert setups. It is extremely hard to assess that there is no regression
> > in configure/Makefile patches.
> I have applied the attached patch to the Debian libxslt package, and it
> sucessfully compiles on 11 different (Linux) architectures.

  the patch failed with breakpoint/ in CVS where 
libxsltbreakpoint_la_LIBADD is defined as empty.
  Now the fact that it builds on a number of arches but on a similar setup
does not imply that it will build for example within an RPM build root
where prelinking is activated and where the build root is not the
install root. I think this is the answer to your initial question
  "Why is this commented out? Isn't this the right way to do it?"
  If you have a build root, the $prefix can be
    /var/tmp/libxslt-1.0.34-root/usr/and the prelinking  should still
be done against /usr/libxml/libxml2... 
  I did that patch to cope with this kind of setups I think. I'm afraid
your patch just removes it but doesn't test that this still works. And if
the result is that the package don't build out of the box on Red Hat
buildsystem, well I will have to "fix" it before any release. So I feel
quite uneasy applying your patch blindly, I will need to check it out
on various setups first making sure what I tried to handle in the first
place is not gonna come back after your removed it !


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