Re: [xslt] linking of libexslt

On Sun, Oct 19, 2003 at 10:40:33PM -0500, Graham Wilson wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> It seems that if libxslt is not installed on the system when the
> configure script is run, libexslt (and libxsltbreakpoint) are not linked
> at all against libxslt. This causes undefined symbols in the resulting
> libexslt.

  Hum, possible.

> Also, there is code in libexslt's (although it is commented
> out) which links libexslt against the recently-built libxslt, instead of
> the system libxslt. Why is this commented out? Isn't this the right way
> to do it?

  Because dependancies between "being built" libraries is a problem in
practice. It is very likely that I did so to ensure that the common case
I can test and debug and must have working do indeed work.
  I takes patches about configure/Makefile and shared libraries but with
a lot of caution, because usually I get patches which work for the platform
or the use case for which the person was interested in but tend to break
othert setups. It is extremely hard to assess that there is no regression
in configure/Makefile patches.


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