Re: [xslt] XSL Sort + ICU

On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 04:15:14PM -0000, Cyberthymia wrote:
> Hi
> New patch file attached.
> I've put in the new context sort bit you requested, and added it to the
> libxslt.def.src file.
> I also tweaked a couple of the comments just to try and explain things a bit
> better.

  okay, fine ! I applied it.

> Also attached is an example replacement sort function using ICU.

  thanks !

> Whilst adding it as an option to xsltproc won't be difficult, I haven't done
> this because I
> don't have time at present to find a way around all the strange linking
> problems that are
> likely to occur for the different platforms. I'm afraid I'm going to have to
> leave this to
> people who understand the different build processes.

  there is an availability problem too. searching for the header name it
seems that only SuSE ships that API as part of their system. I have the
feeling that trying to integrate this will be a serious pain, well at least
it will need to be checked at configure time, etc ... The code is here,
the API is unlikely to change, and taht doesn't sound quite urgent at the
moment :-)

> To use it, you need the "icuin22" and "icuuc22" libs/dlls (although the ICU
> makefiles
> don't use a consistant naming scheme across platforms, so they may be called
> some
> thing similar on Linux)

  It is the libicu-devel package actually,  


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