Re: [xslt] XSL Sort + ICU


Attached is the diff file for the pluggable sort function.
I've modified the libxslt.def.src file to add the two new public functions,
but I'm not sure what else will need changing to know about them - I've
never got round to figuring how the build procedures work on either linux or

I've got a modified version of the sort function that uses ICU that people
might want to use as an example. Would you like this submitted in some form?
I'm not sure if it requires simply updating documentation, or if it would be
worth adding to the tutorial?

Thanks for your help,

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> On Tue, Nov 26, 2002 at 11:17:43AM -0000, Richard Jinks wrote:
> > Hi again
> >
> > One more quick question -
> > I've made all the changes required to make xsltDoSortFunction()
> > but have hit a small snag trying to write my replacement ICU version.
>   okay
> > The existing xlstDoSortFunction() calls xsltComputeSortResult() twice
> > is defined as a static function in xsltutils.c.
> > I'm not 100% sure what xsltComputeSortResult() does but I'm happy to
> > that it's needed for the sorting. (The comment for it is identical to
> > xsltDoSortFunction(), and I've tried stepping through it with the
> > and worked out that it likes sorting the node-set into document order
> > repeatedly, but not sure what else it is doing).
>   yep, I'm starting to forget about those implementation details though
> > My question is can I make the function public so the pluggable sort
> > functions can call it as well, or will they need to have their own copy
> > xsltComputeSortResult() ?
>   yes sounds fine... It would probably have to be added to the win32
> list too, but one step at a time...
> Daniel
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