Re: [xslt] XSL Sort + ICU

On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 11:24:24AM -0000, Richard Jinks wrote:
> Hi
> Attached is the diff file for the pluggable sort function.
> I've modified the libxslt.def.src file to add the two new public functions,
> but I'm not sure what else will need changing to know about them - I've
> never got round to figuring how the build procedures work on either linux or
> windows...

  thanks a lot, I applied it except for 2 small changes to libxslt/xsltutils.h:
    - why export the variable xsltDoSortFunction ? The xsltSetSortFunc()
      API should cover the needs (possibly changing it to return the
      previous sorting function used...)
    - export xsltDefaultSortFunction() so that default behaviour can be reset
      (returning the previous function in xsltSetSortFunc could make this
 I'm also wondering if we should not provide a way to register a specific sort
function in a given context, sounds better for multithreaded apps, something
like xsltSetCtxtSortFunc(xsltTransformContextPtr ctxt, xsltSortFunc handler);
store it in ctxt, and have the transformation look first for it then fallback
to the global setting. Sounds relatively trivial,

> I've got a modified version of the sort function that uses ICU that people
> might want to use as an example. Would you like this submitted in some form?
> I'm not sure if it requires simply updating documentation, or if it would be
> worth adding to the tutorial?

  I should definitely be made availble, xsltproc could even use it, but
I don't want libxslt to globally embedd it or depend on it. Is there a
known shared library exporting ICU ? 
  Send the code here, at least it will be archived and indexed :-)

    thanks again !


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